Need to get ready for a big date after work? Hear out some of these quick transformation trips and tricks so you can look sexy on-the-go!

Morning makeup is the best makeup

With your face and eye primers on, your morning makeup will easily be the best base for the rest of the day even until the late night date.

Simple and bold look

Nothing like a chic, mysterious and ridiculously easy look that’ll break everyone’s hearts. Use a black liner and mascara to keep your date glued to your soul windows; some powder and blush to keep your face flushed and less shiny; and top it off with a shining streak of lip gloss to make a statement.

Perfumed at the parking

The best trick is to make everything your personal purse. Keep a perfume in the car so you can go anywhere smelling refreshed and godlike.

Bring other essentials, just in case

You’ll never know how adventurous a date will go so might as well pack up the athletics – sneakers and workout clothes, extra formal wear – heels and jewelry, and a light jacket. Make sure you keep them in a bag so it’ll be easier for you to carry.



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