Are you having constant aches and pains in your body? Then you are one of those whom Occupational Therapist and the founder of Else Vistisen Therapy tries to help relief acute and long-lasting pain issues, ensuring that you return to your best.

Through her effective and simple therapy approach, books, articles and talks; her goal is to create awareness, inspire and motivate people to return to their best so that they can enjoy a pain-free fulfilled life. She has been a therapist since 1984, starting out in America where she worked with severely mentally and physically handicapped children. For the past 31 years, she has since lived in Asia and worked in different settings within neuroanatomical, orthopedic and burn units and have successfully treated and helped thousands of people from around the world to live lives that are free from pain.

She has also published two books: ‘The Mother and The Therapist’ and ‘PAIN FREE’. We got to know Else a little bit better to find out more about the woman behind the business and to learn how her philosophy on wellness differs from others.

What do you like/dislike? What is your vision?

My vision and hope is to bring the joy of a pain-free fulfilling life to people around the world by alleviating pain, one touch at a time.

Can you share with us the background story for your business?

Having lived and worked in eight different countries around the world, I have had to adapt to different cultures, various religions and traditions quickly in order to be able to live and work in harmony with myself and my surroundings.  I am curious, have a positive attitude with an open mindset and I find it easy to adapt to most places. These traits have all been assets during my thirty one years as an expatriate woman, mother and therapist.

It has become very clear to me that as human beings, we are all born with the same needs, no matter where our birthplace or what culture and religion may be. We need to respect and accept different mindsets and different values. What might feel good for me might not be good for another person.

With those challenges and life experiences, I have learned that unconventional thinking can bring great results. That emphatic listening and adaptation to the individual client’s needs enables massive positive outcomes. So in 2004, I founded my first clinic that is named Else Vistisen Therapy today, with the aim of embracing people’s individual needs, wants and differences.


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