Fast forwarding to 2018, where most of us are usually busy at work, and coming home tired at night, there are 3 essential kitchen appliances that are a must have to keep our spirits up! Best thing is, you don’t have to be a professional cook to start making a fantastic meal for yourself! Let’s start the day right with a quick and satisfying breakfast!

1. Microwave Oven

Do you know that you can cook virtually about every and anything with a microwave oven if you prepare the food properly? Here’s a quick tip to make some nice fluffy scrambled eggs:

1. Prepare a microwaveable plastic mug or any porcelain based ones.

2. Crack and beat up two eggs into the mug of your choice.

3. Pour like 1-2 seconds of water into that mug and start mixing!

4. Put a lid on your cup and place it in such a way that it doesn’t cover the entire top.

5. Start the microwave on 500W (or medium) for about 1:40 – 2:00 minutes.

6. Take out the mug, chop around with a fork, throw in some butter, salt, and pepper for taste!

2. Toaster

Sometimes, toasted bread just makes everything better. Grab some of those nice wholemeal bread, depending on your preference, grab a bottle of peanut butter or any sort of jam of your choice, spread it over your nicely toasted whole bread!

Prefer a nice sandwich? Grab a can of tuna mayo, leave it in the refrigerator overnight, prep some cucumbers and tomatoes and there you go! Mix everything up into the toasted bread and enjoy your quick and easy breakfast sandwich!


3. Coffee Maker


As coffee joints like Starbucks and Joe & Dough’s get more popular everywhere, most of us would actually prefer having our coffee before heading out to work. Having a coffee maker at home will make our workdays so much more tolerable! Imagine waking up and brewing yourself a well-deserved cup of fresh coffee. Add in the sandwich and scrambled eggs that you made easily with those kitchen appliances we recommended above, you will have the perfect start to your work day!

For even more inspirations and essential kitchen appliances that you should own today, check out for more cool ideas!


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