If you are not into leggings, you are probably not into the new trending athleisure scene. Almost every modern women (and even some men) are wearing these for yoga lessons, gym sessions and dance classes. Easily matched with a top and a pair of sports shoes, these elastic leggings are way more comfortable than those skin-tight denim jeans and pants you have. Have a reason to dress comfortably and stylishly, why not? Check out these quick picks from the team:

1. Who-Would-Have-Guessed jean-like leggings

A must have for your wardrobe! This super adaptable piece of genius allows you to be sporting casual outfits and activewear at the same time. Walking and shopping? Throw on a shirt, blouse or jacket. Exercising? Throw on a cross-back or strapped singlet. Want to laze around and do nothing? Match this with an over-sized sweater and you’re all set. We highly encourage to have at least one of these leggings lying around in your shelves to make life easier.

2. Instead-of-getting-a-tattoo terracotta leggings

There are certain colours that are synonymous to tattoos and most of the time, it’s just a hassle to actually get one on your body. So why not get this as an alternative? Looks just as cool as a real tattoo, minus the pain and you can actually, literally take it off at any moment you would like. Pair this particular legging with a simple single tone top and you are pretty much safe and sound (No Taylor Swift puns please). But on a serious note, don’t you find this pattern extremely alluring? We just can’t stop looking at it!

3. Pretty-much-corporate checkered leggings

Consider wearing leggings to your corporate workplace? This design might just be what you need. These may not as dainty as a dress or skirt, but it has it’s own unique favour that’s unbeatable. Look real cool in office by sporting these leggings together with a nice formal shirt. Toss on a loosely fitted tie for some formal accessorising to complete the corporate look.

These leggings are just some of the many designs we have found from https://deaconleggings.site/. Do check them out for much more designs and inspiration!


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