Life can be stressful for everyone, which is why taking some time away from your busy schedule to do other types of activities is important. Thankfully, there’s an event made for that exact purpose. So, take a chance to relax and join The Wellness Insider’s, Wellness Day Out.

In Wellness Day Out is an event that celebrates body positivity and acceptance, guests will be able to attend a variety of workshops that put physical activity as well as learning and art at the forefront.

It offers a set of workshops that will teach attendees about everything from a self-defense course to guidance in how to prevent injuries from exercising too much and even ways to improve the way you dress. Those that attend the workshops will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the field

Guests who don’t attend the workshops will still be able to enjoy the booths and food stalls set up, so you’ll still be able to have fun and get to taste some good and healthy food.

That’s not all, if you’ve got kids then you also won’t have to worry about keeping them entertained since the event offers a Batik Workshop for children. They’ll be able to learn and practice the art of Batik, an ancient form of textile production, which parents can partake in as well.

That’s not all; Wellness Day Out is also putting up an active wear fashion show held by plus-sized brand FUNFIT and featuring participants of the Dream Girl SG pageant for those that like to have a more stylish event and want to have fun at the boardwalk.

Of course, none of that means you shouldn’t try out the workshops. As stated above, there’ll be workshops dictated by professionals such as fitness expert Joel Queck and self-defense expert Zackiee Ng, and if you’re interested in improving your makeup skills, then Fiona Tan has you covered with her “Get Your Make Up Done Right” workshop.

Participants won’t leave with just that. You won’t go empty handed either as attending the workshops gives you the chance to receive goodie bags worth over SGD 150, though what they’ll bring is still secret.

Don’t think you have enough money to sign up for the workshops? Don’t worry, with Wellness Day Out’s; Festival Passes you’ll not only get to enter a workshop of your choice but can go into all of the seminars in the event (except for the child and adult Batik workshops). In fact, you can earn your Festival Pass for free with the Festival Pass giveaway; just make sure you get them quick.

So take advantage of this weekend and bring your family to the Wellness Day Out for three days of fun events, healthy food and a chance to be surrounded by those that you love. For more information about Wellness Day Out you can visit its official website or take a look at The Wellness Insider’s site. Don’t miss it!


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