Celebrities are seen as special to a lot of people, they lead different types of lives and careers (though it’s not quite as different as people might think) and that leads to them constantly being in people’s peripherals.

However, stars are just like us, and just like ordinary citizens, they like to get crazy and show different sides of themselves. It’s a lot easier in the age we live in since social media allows us to get a deeper look at everyone’s lives.

It’s no surprise that some celebrities like to be a little more “open” than others and show different sides of them; this is particularly the case for Instagram, which acts as an outlet for all types of pictures.

With that said, let’s take a look at these stars that decided to throw caution to the wind and “bare” it all for the camera.

Demi Lovato

Demi has been known to put a lot of emphasis on body acceptance and confidence, so it’s no surprise that for this shocking image of her she would highlight the importance of being confident in oneself.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is no stranger to sexy pics from time to time, but no one expected to see this particularly moving image, there’s just something about the lighting and the way it was shot that makes it stand out (a filter or two help as well).

Jay Cutler

Recently retired American Football star Jay Cutler inspired a lot of people during his career, so it was shocking to see a brand new “side” of him so to speak, courtesy of his wife, Kristin Cavallari’s Instagram account. It’s nice to see all his training paid off.

Christina Aguilera

Known as one of the queens of pop and one of the most famous musicians of the age, we can’t blame Christina for wanting to unwind and relax by taking a few pictures. One thing’s for sure; she’s not falling behind any of the younger stars.

Amy Schumer

Famous comedian Amy Schumer has always been one to go against conventions, so it makes sense that even a picture like this has an added hint of self-awareness as she felt it was important to point out how not every person is some handsome or sexy model. Even the way she poses seems like a parody of the poses you’d see in these types of pictures.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham has quickly gained a reputation in the modelling world, having participated in shoots for an array of famous magazines. This picture with Fashion Unfiltered she decided to be a bit fiercer by wearing a red wig, which, while a bit out there, manages to complement the image well.

John Legend

It seems like male stars need to watch their back a lot more, this picture of famed songwriter and musician John Legend comes from his wife’s Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram account. Well, people will be glad to know he certainly has more going for him than just music

Jennifer Lopez

Most people probably wouldn’t be shocked to hear that Jennifer Lopez has naked pictures on her Instagram (though she makes a point of keeping that away from her account), but this pic is different. Not only does it not use any filters it also feels a lot more raw and emotional as opposed to the other pictures in this list, but it also shows a new side of the pop star in every sense of the word.


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