If you take a look at the recent international trend, the country Mexico seems to be standing out quite a bit for the recent wave of cartel violence in the country. But for your own knowledge, Mexico is really a lovely country to visit with all kinds of tourist attractions, beautiful destination spots worth traveling to visit and to experience the true beauty of the Mexican culture.

As the same for visiting any high risk overseas countries, we would recommend utilizing a recognized and trustable security and transportation service company to ensure your business or vacation trip is as safe as possible. In Mexico, we recommend using Benchmark Management ‘Benchmark Cabo’ for your executive and security transportation needs in Los Cabos – www.benchmarkcabo.com.

Benchmark Cabo

cabos iconic rocks

Once you arrive in the Los Cabos Airport, you will be greeted and treated like a true VIP. The Benchmark greeter will introduce you to your well-trained personal driver and luxury SUV. Their drivers and executive protection agents are bilingual, courteous, professional, non-intrusive, and well-versed in providing concierge tour guides and logistical support services on the spot.

24/7 Updates and Security Updates

Let’s say you are already in Mexico, and say for example a natural disaster strikes, a protest starts, political riot, or local violence is escalating, Benchmark Cabo will immediately inform you via email and text messages to make sure you stay informed during your trip. Their phone line is also available 24/7, thus, you need not worry about hanging out too late in the country or needing last minute transportation or personal security services.

Security Tie-ups

One of the coolest things about hiring Benchmark Cabo is their extensive networks of affiliates, executive travel and security companies throughout Mexico and Latin America itself. By working with local partners throughout the country, even the most rural areas can pose less of a threat.

On a Side Note

When you are in Mexico, do make sure to visit these beautiful destinations locations! (provided you have hired proper security and transportation, or are already working Benchmark Cabo)

1. Mexico City

This ancient city, which is built over a filled-in lake has really cool Aztec canals, pyramids (really?), Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo’s old studio. If you are into the retro scene, you can experience hipster dining in chic eateries of the Condesa and Polanco.

2. Todos Santos

A couple of hours from the Cabo or La Paz airports, This place is a mountain-backed artsy community near some excellent surfing beaches. You can take your time to drive (or hire Benchmark Cabo) into Sammy Hagar bars and boat trips at Cabo, afterwards, return for the calm and quietness at night.

3. San Miguel de Allende

A Unesco World Heritage site since 2008, this lovely town of 62,000 is filled to the brim with vintage handicraft shops, 17th-century cathedrals (for the religious!), cool botanic gardens, organic farmer restaurants and lovely, luxurious guesthouses.


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