It’s never too late to change, and even simple changes to your style can make a big difference in your daily life.

Starting with your hair is an excellent idea, and lots of us have tried replicating the magazines’ styles before, but there’s a reason hairdressers are expensive: it’s not about the style itself (anyone can go crazy with hair spray), but about treating your hair properly so it’ll grow nicely after.

That little detail is what keeps us going to the experts, it’s very easy to do something wrong and compromise a few weeks of your hairstyle… unless you know these tips and find the right tools, of course, so go find a pair of sharp scissors.


The first step is washing your hair, and don’t dry it. Dry hair in not exactly easy to manipulate, but if your hair is wet it will be much easier to cut.

If your hair is too long then it’s pretty probable that it starts drying before you get to cut it, in that case fill a spray bottle with water so you can dampen you hair whenever you need to.

Clip up the top portion of your hair. Use elastic hair ties or clips to divide your hair in section (this depends on how thick and long your hair is).


It important to start with the bottom-most layer of your hair and work up, it will make the job easier. Once you have finished with the bottom layer of hair, you can start releasing the rest of it as well.

Find the split ends. Take a look at the end of your hair, it probably seem unruly; this is a common thing, everyone who has long hair has split ends. This is the part that we want and need to cut.

It’s important to cut a little above where the damage stops, so your hair can grow healthily. The measuring of where you want to cut, it’s something that works just by seeing, you should have no problem with this.

Quick tips: be sure to grab the section of hair between the index and middle finger, then drag your finger down until you reach the point where you want to cut. It’s important that your hair is not twisted because that won’t end like we want to. Also, remember to cut it little by little, you can always cut a bit more afterwards.

Finally reaching the end, trim it. Hold the scissors with you dominant hand and cut below your fingers. Remember to do it slowly, your hair should fall away as your fingers remain stable.

Make sure your ends match up, you can do this by grabbing a section on each side of your face with your hands.

If you need to cut a little be more, then keep going until it is as short as you want to. When you are finished cutting, dry your hair and check it looks as you want.

That’s all! You are ready, and you look beautiful!

And if it turns out that it doesn’t look as you want to, remember, practice makes perfect. No one is good at the first try.

Enjoy your new hairstyle!


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