Stepping into Stärker Music Zhongshan Park, at a glance, you’d see everything beautifully arranged and ready for the press conference about to commence. Ianton Tan, Marketing Director of DFW Creatives, was at the door warmly welcoming guest upon their arrival.


You can expect as much from home-grown singer/songwriter Tay Kewei’s loyal fan club, taking up almost half the seats as it is. Leaving the rest of us limited to the leftovers, haha.


Dressed to impress, our songbird wore an elegant black and white striped skin-tight dress with a short slit, styled with a slightly rocker-chick hairdo with a streak of royal purple highlight, coupled with a dark bronze base of hair colour, with a final topping being a glittering shower of jewels on her ears; completing the look, looking stunning from top to toe.

Kickstarting the afternoon with an exclusive medley of her own original songs, played live, with her on the piano, accompanied by the acoustic guitar by her teacher. Her vocals were excellent, the accompaniment was flawless, and the medley concept… worked.

After her lovely performance, the guests were then ushered upstairs for the next segment of the event, which is an up close and personal sharing of her upcoming concert held at Esplanade Concert Hall coming June 17th, 2016.

She shared about her ups and downs of being in the music industry and also shown a more vulnerable side of her as she revealed her inner reflections of her previous concert 7 years back. Professional musicians may seem to have much glory and fame to bask in, however, unknown to most, they had to put in that much effort, dedication, and mental strength to persevere into today’s state. It is especially difficult to grow as an artiste in Singapore with societal expectations being more towards the pragmatic aspect of life. Nothing less than respect and admiration towards Kewei for consistently believing in her music, supporters and herself.


After the press conference was over, we spoke to Dean Augustine, Director of Cross Ratio Entertainment, who signed Tay Kewei, on his thoughts about the local music industry. 20 years in this business, Dean was a strong supporter of the local music. In his earlier life, he worked for the bigger players, eventually taking all that experience he attained, and pumping it back local scene, working with local talent to help them realise their dream of someday performing on an international stage.

With Tay Kewei at the forefront, Dean Augustine plans to bring up the benchmark for the local music industry with her large-scale concert. He hopes that this will inspire and motivate other local artistes of the possibility of having their own solo concerts, and not having releasing albums as their end goals. Believe and persevere long enough and the right people will come by and support their dreams too.

Fellow label mates and upcoming artistes Clarence Liew and The Façade will be performing for the opening act during Tay Kewei’s concert, aptly titled: ‘Chi’ (七年之氧) held this coming June 17th, 2016, 7:30 pm at Esplanade Concert Hall.

Tickets will be on sales from April 27th, 2016 onwards at all SISTIC channels. For more information head over to



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