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SAUCEink is a lifestyle platform to discover and shop for things you love.

We focus on social sharing, content creators, "smart" (artificial intelligence) personalisation and data analysis to help merchants/brands gain more awareness, branding and transactions.

This way, shoppers attain a personalised shopping experience, content creators are able to generate revenue without seeking sponsors, merchants/brands and marketers are able to qualify “influence” based on transaction values generated by content creators.

SAUCEink has over 4 million page views and over 50k monthly unique visitors. In addition they have over 500k subscribers and a combined social media following of 300k alongside over 7k active members and over 30k members in its wider community.

Getting started is easy

SAUCEink covers content ranging from STYLE, LIVING, PEOPLE, GAMING, MUSIC (new) and TECH (new).

01. Browse the Advertising Spots

E.g. "MAIN - Banner size 225 x 400 pixel adzone" - "MAIN" is the section where the ad will appear, and the "Banner size 225 x 400 pixel" is the image size of the banner width by height.

02. Select and click on the Advertising Spot

E.g. If you're running a fashion boutique, select "STYLE - Banner size 300 x 250 pixel adzone" (STYLE is the section/topic/industry). Fill in your name and email then click "Confirm & proceed to Banner Creator" to set up your ad.

03. Setup your advertising banner

We provide a drag and drop ad builder for you to easily design your advertisement banner or upload a ready-made one. Once you're done, click "Confirm & proceed to Payment" for it to go live.